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Aaron Wade the Photographer
"A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories they create are priceless."

Whether you are a potential client who wants to know more about the photographer you are booking a shoot with or a fellow photographer who stumbled upon my site - Welcome!


If you may not already know, my name is Aaron Wade. Professionally, I am a photographer. Personally, I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and a friend. 

I started off self taught doing event photography and made my way into high-end Hollywood nightclubs and A-list red carpet events. As my passion grew stronger, I later enrolled in the photography program at Santa Monica College where I gained knowledge and experience with film, studio photography along with many other valuable aspects of photography. Having experience with both on-location and studio sessions, I provide my clients with a variety of options when creating the image they desire. 

While specializing in but not limited to Lifestyle, Wedding & Maternity photography, my clients are left with an experience of professionalism from the initial consultation to the delivery of high quality imagery. 

I know that capturing imagery that best represent your brand is very important in your career... so I take the proper steps to ensure I understand your goals so we can powerfully communicate that through the content we create.

It comes with a lot of big decisions but the results are amazing. Instead of new random snapshots or videos with NO meaning, I CREATE meaningful content that instantly improve your ability to attract the right type of clients.

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